Traditional Catholic Hymns in "American Style"
  • Does anyone know if there are any American editions of many of the popular English Catholic hymns? By "American" I simply mean text under tune. As we get closer to the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, I'm specifically looking for a version of "O purest of creatures" that might be available to reproduce.

    If anyone also knows of any hymns like this that are already available online, perhaps in pdf's, that would be great as well. "" has many that are available for easily reproduceable congregational inserts, but their selection is limited, especially in terms of traditional English Catholic hymns.
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    This webpage may or may not be of interest to your Reverence. Or maybe you are already aware of it.
  • Father,

    Right click to download to your computer:

    It's on page 68.

    This is one that I missed when creating Hymns To Mary, with free downloads at
  • Thanks for your suggestions. I didn't realize the St. Basil was available online. I looked up "O Purest of Creatures" in my copy of the St. Basil, but I was hoping for it set to the tune "Paderborn" also known as "Maria zu lieben". That seems to be the most common tune I've heard that hymn sung to.

    Does not list the tune, but this one may be Maria? has a list of settings, and this one pops up with the score as well. Funny, since it is from A Treasury of Catholic Song...and it is here on the desk under a pile of papers! gives the full list.