Gloria: Through-Composed or with Refrain
  • Claire H
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    I know that through-composed Glorias are preferable, but is there a directive actually forbidding Glorias with refrains?
  • Ben YankeBen Yanke
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    Not specifically, that I've found. There's the many "thou shalt not alter the texts" citations, which is enough for me, but when it comes to convincing others, this isn't often enough. It's made worse by the fact that Sing to the Lord (STTL) allows them. However, this document does have issues, including the fact that it has no authority on it's own.
  • Also, ICEL and the USCCB clearly approved me of these. I regret that but it is a fact.
  • Sadly, we can blame both OCP and GIA for that mess.
  • What exactly makes this regretable and sad?
    If memory serves, JT, you yourself supported and publicly endorsed Aristotle's arrangement of the de Angelis GLORIA (in Latin!) years ago, in which the extremely familiar intonation was embolized (inserted as a refrain) at specific points, with the intent to provide the congregation with actual particpation as the schola chant in alternation. I remember using that Gloria throughout Eastertide that year.
    Goose and gander stuff. I'm not being a contrarion here, just saying that we cannot have selective memory or rationalize our preferences over others' while taking "the higher ground."
    Please don't shoot the messenger.
  • Ben YankeBen Yanke
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    So true. I am really having trouble believing some of theses things were actuallly approved.

    Gloria, Misa Santa Fe  
    Santo/Holy, Misa Santa Fe  

    If that is sacred music, I just have to ask: what isn't? AC/DC? So now, our deffinition of Sacred music includes everything except heavy metal.
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  • Ben, as I've almost regularly re-stated, the USCCB virtually defers any specific liturgical concerns, ie. the fabled "white list" of approved hymntexts back to the Sees of Portland and Chicago. How hard is it to do the math regarding "approval" processes wherein editorial boards have some sort of show of hands (via email and pdfs, if that), and boom, you're published! Oh, and someone in admin sends a copy to someone in admin at a chancery. Boom, you're approved to boot!
  • It's about time that someone should ask the CDW to intervene. This stuff is getting out of hand.