Parish catechesis: Lent
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    I wrote this in Lent, I'm putting it up to clarify my previous comments on how to separate the season of Lent as a time of repentance:

    What’s different about the music in Lent?
    In Lent, the music is more subdued. There is no solo instrumental music, and so there is no prelude or postlude at Sunday Masses. I am also not using “interlude” music during the Mass. Furthermore, I’m making an effort to use minimal organ sound to accompany hymns. Also, we’re singing the chant hymn “Attende, Domine”.
    Why is there no instrumental music during Lent?
    The Church forbids solo instrumental music during Lent and Advent. This rule is often overlooked, but still is an important part of the Roman tradition. This sets these seasons apart as penitential, since the joyful sounds of the organ or other instruments are no longer heard, creating a longing for their return at Easter or Christmas. The Church only allows that instruments may be used to accompany singing.
    What if I don’t like the silence during Lent?
    There are many who do actually enjoy silence in the Mass. They find God is able to speak more clearly to them in the silence. For the rest of us, it can be a form of penance, hearing the beauty of a hymn give way to silence. Of course there is no more silence on a Sunday Mass in Lent than at daily Mass; perhaps those of us uncomfortable with it could make a habit of attending daily Mass to hear more!
    Why do we keep singing “Attende, Domine”?
    There is a tendency during Lent to let the penitential mood slip. Lent can become just another time of the year where the priest wears purple and we don’t eat a few favorite foods. Singing “Attende, Domine” allows us to keep this penance on our lips throughout Lent. It’s one of the most traditional Lenten hymns in our hymnal, and so it’s important that it be a valued part of our Lent.
    I hope this effort towards sobriety throughout Lent will keep us expectant and ready for a joyous Easter!
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    Where did you write this... in a church bulletin, perhaps, for all parishioners to read?
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    Yes, this was in the bulletin.