Gregorian Magnificat antiphon for 9th Sunday OT
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    Thought I would share this with you all in case any of you would find it useful:

    I've been trying to put together a Gregorian vespers service following the current Liturgy of the Hours. I don't have a copy of the new Solesmes Antiphonale (yet), so I've had to look through various sources trying to find the music.

    The text of the Magnificat antiphon for the 9th Sunday of Ordinary Time in Year A (June 1 of this year), Non omnis qui dicit, has no corresponding melody in the Liber Usualis or other similar sources that I checked. I was able, however, to locate it on an online scan from a page of a 14th century Dominican antiphonary. A university in Australia has this and other chant books online here; the page with the antiphon I was looking for is here.

    Now, for all I know, this antiphon may already be in the Antiphonale Monasticum or the Psalterium Monasticum. But now it's online as well. Here's my attempt at a transcription (pdf file). Suggestions for improvement, especially as regards the editorial choices, are welcome, as I'm far from being an expert here.

    (Edit: the antiphon text is the one given in the LoH for first vespers, not second vespers; but I came up with nothing at all for the antiphon for second vespers, and since both antiphons quote the same Gospel reading for 9th Sunday OT year A, it seems to me to be a reasonable substitution for second vespers.)
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    Antiphonale monasticum II has this magnificat-antiphon for the Dominica xxvi A.
    Do you want some scan?
    For dominica iv, there is: "Similabo eum viro sapienti, qui aedificavit donum suam supra petram."
  • I have a problem finding the gregorian chant for the Magnificat Antiphon for 1st Vespers of Sunday for 4 October (Sunday XXVII). The set text is "Cum tempus frúctuum appropinquásset..."

    Can anybody kindly help me please? Thanks to all in advance
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    Antiphonale monasticum post-conciliarum proposes "Malos male perdet..."