English Propers for Installation of a New Priest
  • Dear Folks,

    Next month we will have a Mass for the installation of our new priest ...

    Do we have SEP or other Propers for such as Mass?

    Thank you so much! Bob
  • As far as I know, there is no specific Mass for the Installation of a Pastor. However, you could use the propers of the day. What date is it on?
  • Oh, that's good ... it is on December 10, 2011 (Year B). Thank you.
  • That's an Advent Weekday. The propers would be that of the Second Sunday in Advent, except the Alleluia, which would be Qui sequitur me, according to dvalerio's index of the Graduale Triplex.
  • BruceL
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    Joseph Mendes is right, although for English propers you have to decide if you want the Missal propers (which are proper to each day) or the Graduale ones (which, as Joseph mentions, are the Sunday ones with the exception of the Alleluia verse.)
  • In case you decide to use them, the texts of missal propers for the Saturday in the Second Week of Advent are:

    Entrance (Psalm 80:4, 2): Come and show us your face, O Lord, who are seated upon the Cherubim, and we will be saved.

    Communion (Revelation 22:12): Behold, I am coming soon and my recompense is with me, says the Lord, to bestow a reward according to the deeds of each.