Music Based Evangelization - Proclaiming the Faith through Beautiful Music.
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    Music Based Evangelization Opportunities
    Proclaiming the Faith through beautiful music

    Do you like to sing or can you play an instrument well?
    Do you enjoy sharing your Catholic Faith with others?
    Can you be a good role model and make a difference in a young person’s life?
    Would you like to be part of a professional Catholic evangelization group?

    Saint Cecilia Classical Productions Inc., a music-based, Catholic, evangelization apostolate, is conducting a talent search for traditional Catholic young ladies of exceptional music ability in the areas of classical voice, wind or string instruments (piano, violin, harp, guitar, flute, etc.), who would like to use their musical talents and knowledge of the faith to make a difference in peoples lives. We are searching for young women who would like to be part of a new, professional, truly Catholic, all girl music group.

    We are interested in upper class music majors or recent graduates with degrees in music. We will also consider applicants who have, or are working toward a non-music-degree, who already have a strong music background. Young ladies who have graduated from high school, and are not attending college, but who also have a strong music background, are also encouraged to apply.

    We are especially interested in individuals who were home-schooled for their K - 12 education or were raised in the Tridentine Mass tradition. While not a requirement, acting, dance, music theater, choir or public speaking experience would be an additional plus. Some knowledge of Latin would also be helpful.

    Why is there a need for a ministry like ours? The Catholic influence in America’s entertainment field is very limited. We are aware of only two Catholic groups currently performing on a regular basis, and they are not even from America, but from Ireland: the “Irish Tenors” and “The Priests”.

    The purpose of any music group is to provide entertainment, but some groups, such as the two mentioned above, have also been, through their style of music, and personal deportment, a source of inspiration and good example for their audiences. It is this idea of inspiration and good example that is to be a key element of this new group.

    Our society is very much in need of good role models, especially for girls and young women, and what better way to provide for this, than with music groups of talented young ladies who exhibit the qualities of modesty, grace and feminine loveliness, thus exemplifying and promoting a positive, truly feminine, image of young women. Experience has shown that such groups can be very effective as role models.

    Our strategy, therefore, is to use entertainment groups of orthodox, Catholic, young women who can be good role models for today’s youth, and, at the same time, impart the truths of the faith to them. Performing in small vocal ensembles, under the name “The Ladies of Cecilia”, these young ladies will take the principles of our Catholic faith and “multiply”, so to speak, their effect through the medium of music: quality music performed by young women of character, modesty, and gracefulness. Through their own good example, and the witness they give, these young women will promote the virtues of true womanhood and authentic Catholic family life to our society.

    All performing positions for this ministry are paid ones and will require some travel. Additionally, all expenses for travel, lodging & meals will be paid. College students who have not yet graduated may participate in our program through the summer months, and during the school year as their schedule would allow. You will also be involved is studio recording work and album and DVD production.

    This is a great opportunity to work in the field of Catholic apologetics, while advancing the Culture of Life. At the same time, you will also be working with other young Catholic musicians who share the same traditional values. For more information about our work and requirements, please visit our websites at:

    Interested young ladies may mail or e-mail (preferred) their résumé with repertoire to:

    Mrs. Julie Baltrinic, Assistant Director
    St. Cecilia Classical Productions Inc.
    P.O. Box 129, Green, Ohio 44232

    Saint Cecilia Classical Productions Inc. is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) public charity. We were organized exclusively for religious, educational and charitable purposes.
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