Spanish Chant: Ordinary I
  • Here is the first setting of the ordinary from the Graduale Simplex in Spanish. The Gloria seems particularly useful at this moment in time because it is the same melody as the ICEL chant of the new translation in English.

    I have not added any rhythmic signs yet, but it should be done at some point.

    UPDATE: I have updated the chants, fixing a few layout errors and modifying a couple of notes and one elision. The updated score along with some practice MP3s can be found here.

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    Printed, will be sent to choir director.
  • Let me knows how it goes! I have the other ordinaries almost done too, which I'll post when I'm able.
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  • I just printed them and sent them to my parochial vicar. He was quite happy. Fr. Spencer, do you have anything on an MP3?
  • benedictgal, I just posted a few MP3s to practice with here: The updated score can be found there as well, which has a few small changes.

  • Thank you, so much, Fr. Spencer!!! This is an answer to a huge prayer!!!
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    This so neat. In fact, just this week my pastor was asking for this very thing! Thank you, thank you!!
  • I am also forwarding this to another priest down here who also wants a superior alternative to what OCP is offering!!!
  • Fr. Matthew. last night. the Gloria was chanted for the first time in Spanish. My parochial vicar was so pleased. He considered it to be one of the best Christmas presents. For him, it was truly sacred. He commended the choir director for teaching the chants to the faithful. It was magnificent!!!

    Spanish-speaking Catholics should owe you a great debt for re-infusing the liturgy with the sacred.
  • Fr. Matthew, is there a way to put the Ordinario I into modern notation? Our choir is trying its best to sing it, but, they do better with modern notes.

    The feedback that we have been receiving is that it is great, musical notations not withstanding.
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    I echo benedictgal's request. I need to put together pew cards with the ordinary in English, Latin, and Spanish, and for this project they all need to be in round notes.
  • benedictgal and Claire H:

    I don't have an easy way to put the music into modern notation. All of the work is composed directly in square note notation, then entered into a software program similar to gregorio which does all of the layout and formatting of the chant. The final layout and pagination is done in InDesign.

    It might be possible at some point to export the chants in MusicXML or abc format, but right now I haven't worked on that as part of the system. So in other words, at the moment it would mean creating the modern notation from scratch, which unfortunately a bit too much work for me right now. Sorry!
  • Laudetur Jesus Christus!

    Fr. Matthew you started off the new year in the best possible way.
    I like the work very much.

    I feel this is good because the two people I know who live closest to me and love chant the most are both of spanish descent. I know there is a great hunger for this music in spanish, as I was told so by many people. I also have spanish blood on my mothers side. Singing in spanish is the closest to singing in latin most people will do in this country. Both languages have more vowels than english, making them somewhat more musically pleasing.

    You did something grand because now that you made one setting of the music, it provides a template for others to make additional settings ! People who did'nt even know what the spanish words for the Gloria were and did'nt feel they had the time or to find out and work with it will now be more encouraged to do so.

    Within the next two monthes I will begin to try to adapt these same words to the "Cum Jubilo" Mass as used for Nativity of our Lord and Marian feasts as was as "Orbis Factor".

    You can be assured that I will email you my work when I am ready to share it.
  • I could put this into modern notation as well.. is there no one else who has the ability to do this ? I use Bruce Ford's font for that purpose.
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    Chris, if you don't mind providing this in modern notation, it would be terrific. I explain my specific need/current project here:
  • Wonderful work, thank you!
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    I went to Fr. Spencer's website but I couldn't see any links to anything to download. I get to the page of, say, "Ordinary I", and it shows the description, but there's no list of anything to download.

    Am I doing something wrong? It seems previous posters have found the material but I can't.


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    If I had to hazard a guess, perhaps he took down his Spanish setting of the Mass Ordinary because an official Spanish setting has been recently provided by the USCCB (which differs in innumerable small ways from his setting). See here.

    [There's an error in the form of the Kyrie which you'll quickly spot, discussed in another forum post.]
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    Ah, ok. Thanks! That suits my needs anyway!