JOB: Director of Music, Madison, WI
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    This job is still available

    Here is the info from their bulletin:

    St. Patrick Church is looking for a Music Director.
    This is a paid position. If interested please send your
    resume to the parish office by August 10th.

    Here's more information that you'll need:

    434 N. Main Street
    P.O. Box 400
    Cottage Grove, Wisconsin 53527
    PHONE: 839-3969 • FAX: 839-3593

    St. Patrick's is in Cottage Grove, just 10 minutes outside of Madison, WI.

    The pastor is an awesome priest, and this parish, which I must say has not been the greatest in the past, liturgically speaking, in the past, is being "turned around" (for lack of better words) by Fr. Sasse, the new pastor. The congregation is also accepting most of the changes quite well.

    Here is the parish description:

    This active, growing 682 family parish in East Madison area of Wisconsin seeks part-time Director of Music Ministry. This flexible position (17 to 21 hours/week) is available immediately.

    The goal for our parish Music Ministry is active, musical participation at all Masses. Core responsibilities will include (1) selecting and coordinating music for three week-end Masses, including Holy Days of Obligation, Special Solemnities and Feasts (ie: Good Friday, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Novina, etc); (2) establish Youth Choir and Adult Choir; (3) recruit, train, develop and schedule volunteer cantors and other volunteer parish musicians. Keyboard and choral conducting skills are essential.

    The qualified candidate will be a baptized, practicing Roman Catholic with an understanding of Vatican II Liturgical Documents and a commitment to a “full, active, and conscious participation” of the choir/assembly in Catholic Liturgy.

    If you wish to have the key leadership role in our music development, send resume and references to Fr. John Sasse, Pastor, Attention: Music Ministry Planning Group at above address.
  • Sounds like a great opportunity! Before this one gets locked off, I'd like to mention that in my current haze of editing and allergies, it appeared that this was an opening for JOB, or someone like him with the patience of....
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