In praise of C.H. Giffen — Hymn layout for organists
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    A copious "back-and-forth" interchange of E-mails between myself and C.H. Giffen has resulted in the complete revision of THIS PAGE.

    For the Vatican II Hymnal, we are providing scores "geared toward" the performer.

    This includes the CANTOR, the CONGREGATION, the SATB CHOIR, the ORGANIST, and the ORGANIST/CANTOR.


    C.H. Giffen was kind enough to carefully discuss the various "pros and cons" of the different layout for organists.

    I am greatly in his debt, and have followed his wise suggestions (although I make no claim to his scholarship), in the creation of 196 pages of free hymn accompaniments.


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    So- I'm curious!

    I get having the text outside the grand staff (great idea).
    But why above as opposed to below?
  • Convention. It would certainly feel strange to me if the violin part were placed below the piano part in a Beethoven violin sonata.