Office Hymns in English
  • Curious if anyone knows of a setting for the Terce hymn (LOtH) "Come, Holy Spirit, who ever one".

  • Sure, check out "The Hymnal Noted" from Lancelot Andrewes Press. It contains all of the office hymns for the year from JM Neale.
  • Here, from Verses on Various Occasions, by J H Newman (Longmans, Green, and Co., 1888) is the hymn for which you desire a setting. It can be sungen to any 8888 metrical or chant tune. Newman, in this book, provides quite a number of office hymns, though their metre in English is not always that of the Latin.

    AT TERCE: Nunc Sancte nobis Spiritus - 8888
    Tune: VENI CREATOR SPIRITUS, or another plainsong tune, or a metrical tune such as WAREHAM

    Come, Holy Ghost, who ever One
    Reignest with Father and with Son,
    It is the hour, our souls possess
    With Thy full flood of holiness.

    Let flesh, and heart, and lips and mind,
    Sound forth our witness to mankind;
    And love light up our mortal frame,
    Till others catch the living flame.

    Now to the Father, to the Son,
    And to the Spirit, Three in One,
    Be praise and thanks and glory given
    By men on earth, by saints in heaven.

    Are you interested in Newman's version of the hymn to St Ethelwald??? Derived from Venerable Bede???