Music score of Hymn to St. Michael ( Holy Michael great Archangel)?
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    Our schola will be singing for Missa Cantata on the Feast of St. Michael, 9/29.

    We would like to sing the following hymn with the congregation after the Mass with all the beautiful Gregorian Propers. Does anyone know where I can find the music score for this hymn?

    Hymn to St. Michael, or Holy Michael great archangel

    Thank you.
  • This is a tough one...
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    Well, the tune is "Angels From the Realms of Glory", which should be available in various arrangements in several hymnals and online.

    As far as the poetry goes, you might consider contacting the parish:
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    Mia, did you find this... I think I could use it too...
  • This turned up from another parish, credited to an anonymous English author.

    Would be great to sing it this Sunday.

    Holy Michael, great Archangel,
    Nerve thine arm and bare thy sword,
    Lead us with thy dazzling legions,
    In the battle for the Lord:
    Sure defence and trusty safeguard,
    Let thy mighty strength afford.

    2. Not with flesh and blood we wrestle,
    Not as man with man contend,
    But against the powers of darkness,
    Who on craft and lies depend:
    Treachery and shame and violence,
    All the cause of Hell befriend.

    3. Through God’s threefold fair creation,
    Through the earth, the sea, the sky,
    Wander Satan's loathly spirits,
    Luring souls of men to die:
    Cast them down, O Prince of Angels,
    By the power of God most high.

    4. All who pouring out their life blood,
    More than conquer in the fight,
    All who in th’ unequal combat,
    Fall beneath the oppressor's might:
    Christ the King’s great Standard-Bearer,
    Lead into the Holy Light!

    5. Laud and honour to the Father,
    Laud and honour to the Son,
    Laud and honour to the Spirit,
    Ever Three, and ever One;
    Consubstantial, co-eternal,
    While unending ages run.
  • Holy Michael sheet music. Attachments should be a pdf and a txt file (lilypond source)
  • We sing this to the hymn tune Lauda Anima.
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    Another good hymn text is in the Mundelein Psalter set to We will be singing it to Christe Sanctorum.
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    @veromary: The fifth stanza doxology is the same as that by John M. Neale in his translation of Angularis fundamentum (Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation). The "anonymous English author" may be Neale.
    Thanked by 1M. Jackson Osborn
  • Well spotted @ronkrisman! The parish added the extra verse for their special Confirmation Mass.

    The other verses are from The English Catholic Hymn Book (W. Knott & Sons, Revised and augmented edition 1955) but unattributed. Thanks to St Andrew's Parish, like @Chrism suggested.
  • Two hymns to St Michael set to go live on Saturday over at
  • I am actually plain the Hymn Holy Michael, Great Archangel to the Westminster Abbey tune (Christ is made the sure foundation). Didn't want to use the Christmas tune. Was wondering what is your opinion on that.
  • 'Regent Square' is the first tune that occurred to me.
    Too, I like your choice of 'Westminster Abbey'.
    As for 'Lauda anima' - I would shy away from it with this text... very far.
    For a moment I thought that 'Blaenwern' would be absolutely ideal, a perfect match -
    but alas! not enough lines.
  • We sing "Michael, Prince of Highest Heaven", which is in similar rhythm, to the music of "All Saints Old" which is often done with "Daily Daily Sing to Mary." Actually, any tune done with "Daily, Daily" would work with this poem (not sure who the author is), which is gorgeous!

    Michael, prince of highest heaven,
    Noblest of celestial ranks,
    Lowly singing in thine honour
    Bring we forth our meed of thanks.
    Mighty victor! all resplendent
    Next to Mary thou dost reign;
    Come and bless us with the presence,
    Bring with thee thy heavenly train.

    Gabriel, silver-tongued and glorious,
    Raphael, healer of our woes,
    Blessed Angels, gentle guardians,
    Be our aid — repel our foes.
    Breathe into our hearts your sweetness,
    Fill our souls with love divine;
    May your gracious presence ever
    Round your charge protecting shine.

    We will honour — we will love you,
    Blessed Spirits, more and more,
    Our devotion still increasing
    As your favours on us pour,
    Till with you forever sing we
    In a glad, unending strain,
    Father, Son and Holy Spirit
    Where the blessed ever reign.