Chanting Daily Mass Propers
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    Quick question: My pastor has asked that the choir of children at my K-6 school sing the Introit, (rather than an Opening Hymn) at our Friday school Masses. Is there a format for doing so? In our Missalettes there is an 'Entrance Antiphon' verse, but there is no psalm verse and it certainly doesn't contain the 'Glory be'. What is the "proper" (forgive the pun) :) way of singing these daily Mass Propers? We still have copies of the old Rossini Propers, so moving them to a melody isn't hard. I'm just curious what one SHOULD do.


  • if you sing Gradual propers from the Gregorian Missal or the Simple English Propers, sing the Sunday propers for the week unless it is a special feast day and then use those sung propers. The Missal texts are another option but there are no well developed musical resources for these.
  • Aaron
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    Occasionally at daily Mass, I have started to sing the communion antiphon and psalm verses from the Simple English Propers. On weekdays that are not celebrated as obligatory memorials or higher, I have used the previous Sunday communion proper. What happens when a Solemnity or Feast falls on Sunday? For example, for Friday Nov 14, would I use the proper from Sunday Nov 9 Lateran Basilica, or from the 32nd Sunday in OT?
  • Aaron, I'd imagine the latter, just as the final week of OT this year is the 34th Week in OT, rather than the week of Christ the King.
  • donr
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    The music for the Antiphons found in missalettes can be found at illuminare Publications

    Use the previous Sunday's Antiphon for week day Masses.