"Ave Verum" text discrepancy
  • priorstf
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    One of our chorus members pointed out that in our Mozart piece we are singing "ex Maria virgine" but he has a score showing the words as "de Maria virgine". Does anybody have an authoritative link to clarify which it should be. It is clearly "ex Maria virgine" in the Credo (and I've heard a horse racing related explanation about this usage). But I'm not sure if the Ave Verum in prayer format may be different or if it may even have been changed by Wolfgang when he wrote the piece.

    Suggestions and or references would be appreciated.
  • Mark P.
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    Several editions at the Choral Public Domain Library show "de Maria." See http://www.cpdl.org/wiki/index.php/Ave_verum_corpus,_KV_618_(Wolfgang_Amadeus_Mozart)
  • Charles in CenCA
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    Ron Jeffers' excellent reference book shows "de Maria..." which I used in my setting. If you're using the Mozart "acquired" from the St. Gregory, remember it was edited by Montani.