Looking for Hymns for Feast of St. Augustine
  • lagunaredbob
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    I am looking for suggestions for hymns for the Feast of St. Augustine ... and even programs used for this feast.

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  • rich_enough
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    "Spirit Seeking Light and Beauty" (sung most often to the Gaelic tune COLUMCILLE aka DOMHNACH TRIONOIDE) though not about St. Augustine himself, reflects many Augustinian themes. It can be found in the old Pius X hymnal.
  • rob
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    We always include a "Magne Pater Augustine", as in here:
    Or, you could try another setting such as Palestrina's motet.

    Here's a metrical englished version you could also use, :

    HOLY Father, Saint Augustine,
    Hearken to thy children's cry;
    Plead for us as now thou standest
    Near the throne of God on high:
    Guide thy flock O loving Shepherd,
    Who to us in Christ art high.

    Holy poverty's true lover,
    All Christ's poor ones hymn thy praise,
    Truth's own champion and defender,
    Loved by all who seek her ways;
    Scripture's God-enlightened teacher,
    All her wealth thy pen displays.

    Lighting depths obscure and hidden,
    Thou dost break us heavenly bread
    From the doctrine of our Saviour,
    From the gracious words he said;
    With the Psalm's life-giving nectar
    All who learn of thee are fed.

    For the white-robed canon's choir
    Laws of wisdom thou didst frame:
    Those who love thy words and keep them,
    Thy sure patronage may claim;
    Safe, they treat the ways of Sion,
    Calling on thy worthy name.

    Glory to the King of Ages;
    Praise and triumph to his reign;
    Let us sound our answering strain;
    E'en now, 'neath our Patron's banner,
    Citizens of heaven's domain. Amen.

    Other breviary hymns for the day are here:

    I'd welcome any other suggestions myself.
  • Kathy
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    I'd certainly consider the hymn common to Confessors, included in the current breviary editions for the Doctors of the Church, Iste Confessor. It's in Worship III as well.
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Here is the Guerrro SSATB setting.
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  • Adam WoodAdam Wood
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    Am I misremembering, or isn't the legend that the Te Deum was composed by Augustine with Ambrose?
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    The legend/tradition that the Te Deum was spontaneously composed at Augustine's baptism with Ambrose is nowadays considered highly unlikely. Modern scholarship suggests that the first ten verses were composed as a complete hymn in the 2nd or early 3rd century, with the next three verses subsequently added as a doxology to the Father, while the final eight verses form a hymn to Christ added in the 4th century.
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  • Chrism
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    Wrangham's translation of Adam of St. Victor's sequence for the Feast of the Conversion of St. Augustine, Augustini praeconia, is not half bad. It fits to St. Patrick's Breastplate.
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