[Position Filled] St. Louis Music Position
  • The Oratory of St Francis de Sales, St. Louis, MO, respectfully requests inquiries for the position of Director of Sacred Music and Master of the Choir

    At the generous invitation of His Grace, The Most Reverend Raymond L. Burke, Archbishop of St. Louis, the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest has established the Oratory of St. Francis de Sales. By this decision he has opened for us the door to one of the most beautiful churches of the whole archdiocese that is a very fitting place for the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the other sacraments according to the rites in use in 1962.

    The magnificent neo-gothic building of St. Francis de Sales Oratory houses a three manual pipe organ in the rear gallery. Additionally, a choir is to be formed to assist in the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

    Inquiries may be directed to the Reverend Karl Lenhardt, Vice Provincial for the Institute in the United States and Rector of the Oratory at SFdS@institute-christ-king.org.

    As the Most Reverend Archbishop has invited us to begin this work here we in turn invite you to consider being a part in the mission of this new oratory.
  • WGS
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    A friend of mine from the New York City area has been trying to get more information about this job offering. (As I recall, the job offering has been on the CMAA website since July or so.) My friend does not have regular access to e-mail, but several times he has tried to get information by telephone. The Office Manager has readily agreed to send out a Job Description, but nothing has ever gotten through to my friend. Also, I have tried at least three times to communicate with the Oratory by means of their web mail address. No response.

    Is anyone else having a problem communicating with this Oratory?
  • don roy
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    my understanding is that this position has been filled by a friend of a friend of mine (lucky guy!)
  • If so, I wonder how we should not that. Delete the post? Leave it up and call it defunct? Aristotle?
  • I'll close and sink the discussion and edit the title to reflect the status of the position.
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