The intial fonts of Peter Holger Sandhofe
  • veromaryveromary
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    Does anyone have any information on what happened to the fonts that Holger Sandhofe was selling through the website? I guess they may not have been so popular as his free downloads.

  • Protasius
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    On Gregoriani cantus you can find at least the Medicea and a few of the initial fonts, alongside with an alternative chant and modern notation fonts.
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  • dvalerio
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    I have all Holger Peter Sandhofe's free PDF files with chants online here, as I wrote in the comments of that NLM's post, but not his fonts, which, as you mentioned, were not free... But see this page (in Spanish) and check if it has something you want...

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  • veromaryveromary
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    I have come back to this thread to find Mr Sandhofe's edition of Gloria Laus with 16 verses. It sounds like there must have been some issue that prevented Musica Sacra from hosting Holger Peter Sandhofe's free files. Would it be okay for me to retype Gloria Laus with the extra verses? I have no idea where the extra verses came from originally or where to look.
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