• Hello Forum members,

    My name is Fr. Augustine. I am wondering if anyone here has any experience with the
    Winchester Troper manuscript interpretation. I have a fairly good idea, but, when it comes to the Tropes for the First Sunday in Advent, they become a little fuzzy at certain points; that is, I'm not quite sure which note is which. I of course recognize "Ad te levavi", and of coures, the first Trope line "O Benefida", and the rest I can understand (O Mayest Thou be present as a trusted protection unto Thy servants..."). The music to "Ad te levavi" can of course be found anywhere, since that is the standard Introit as preserved in later times; but, the music for "O benefida" is a little challenging.

    I have a good idea about it, but, I was just wondering if I'm the only one.


    f. 9 V | f. 10 R

    top right
  • Father, as you probably know, the Winchester Troper is written with unheighted neumes. Folio 9v does look heighted but I think is misleading. The only real way to interpret them is to find a later source with the chant or trope (or polyphony) you want and reverse engineer a bit. The other way is to do some good guessing based on what you see.