Possible Ride-hitching after Colloquium (going South)
  • JDE
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    Dear CMAA friends,

    I am driving to Pittsburgh from South Carolina, just as I did last year, but I have a huge choral/chant wedding this coming Saturday, and my day-job office is moving next Friday, and I may have to come home early. Problem is, I am carrying three passengers, two of whom don't want to leave early -- and who can blame them?

    Is anyone else driving south after the Colloquium? If so, could I stow two very small, female passengers with you? They have conversational knowledge of an astonishing variety of subjects, and what's more, they can read square notes. If necessary I can bring some of their luggage home with me, if space is a problem.

    I would rather not leave early, but it might be necessary. It would be a huge relief to me if we could find these two singers a way to tarry and still make it home (or close to home).
  • Jonathan,
    W and I are headed to Fayetteville, NC, but with an overnight in Arlington, VA., to visit w/ Kathy. But we won't be going further south than Fayetteville.
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    It would be wonderful if a shuttle could somehow be set up to take folks to the airport on Sunday
  • JDE
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    Charles - Dang! Fayetteville is only 3 hours from here.

    Anybody else? You don't have to come directly to CAE, just in the general vicinity.
  • There was an independent shuttle bus to the airport at the hotel last year on the lot on Sunday....we already had a cab, otherwise....
  • JDE
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    Bumping for visibility.