Music Director, St Bart's, Katy (suburban Houston) Texas
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    Our parish Music Director has decided to go to Theology school, leaving her position open. St Bartholomew's is a very active parish in Katy, on the western fringe of Houston, Texas. A large and vibrant parish, it has the usual complement of traditional, contemporary, children's and Spanish choirs.

    What might make it of particular interest to readers of this Forum is a new Schola we have started in the Knights of Columbus hall, which is adjacent to the church. We have some 43 men signed up, and our second practice is this evening. One of our new priests is also a Knight and is participating. Our Schola's immediate goal is to introduce Gregorian Chant and some sacred polyphony into a monthly mass, and see where that leads. This group is run at present by a volunteer KC with (just) two CMAA Gregorian Chant workshops under his belt (me!), and we had planned to have the Music Director help teach our group to sing in four part harmony for some classic Latin hymns.

    With the Director's departure, we KCs are hoping someone will be attracted to the parish Music Director's position who has an interest in traditional Church music, in addition of course to an ability to serve all the other musical demands of a large parish. Moreover, anyone taking the parish job who has a burning desire to also lead a large men's Chant choir could optionally step right into it that post, too, if so wished (no, I am NOT bailing out---I'm having fun so far but know my limitations). Not many parishes in these parts can field that large a men's choir for any purpose, especially Gregorian chant.

    Your prayers for our fledgling effort will be most welcome!

    Here is St. Bart's website: . This note is not part of the official parish search for the position, but rather just a head's up for those who might be interested in such a position.
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