Word painting, today?
  • Andrew Malton
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    I enjoy finding word painting in the chants of the Gradual, even when it's a little fanciful.

    Some instances are unmistakable, like the "descendit" and "revolvit lapidem" in Easter week, or the turtle doves in the communio "Passer invenit".

    Some are more doubtful but fun (e.g. does "servasti vinum bonum" paint the effects of the wine, in the communio "Dicit Dominus : Implete hydrias" ?)

    OK, though: what about today? (ie.. the {Third, Second} Sunday {of, after} Easter). My daughter, and I, think the "... me meae" at the end of today's Alleluia "Ego sum pastor bonus" paints the bleating sheep. Anyone else noticed that?
  • gregpgregp
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    I think you are on to something here.