C. Hylton Stewart - Psalm 23 - Music Score
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    I am trying to locate the music score of this setting of Psalm 23 by C. Hylton Stewart, I believe a double-chant (Anglican). I have searched through by Anglican Chant Psalter and did not find this specific setting. Here is the Youtube sound file of this setting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apC3D-9lYEc

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  • Fully written out for a choir not familiar with Anglican Chant Pointing....
  • Noel,

    Awesome, thank you so much!

  • You can purchase your own copy of The New St. Paul's Cathedral Psalter for the low, low price of $295 on eBay here.

    My copy (though only the paperback version) is one of my most prized rare books--like my copies of the accompaniment edition of Marier's Hymns, Psalms and Spiritual Canticles.
  • http://www.amazon.com/Anglican-Psalter-John-Scott/dp/1853119881

    Nicely done, wish I had this a few years ago. I'm working on a project, got a lot of good ideas from this one.
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    Does anyone know if this is what he is using at St. Thomas? Just wondering. I know Gerre Hancock had his own self-done psalter there, too, but I imagine John Scott may have imported his own good work.
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    Thanks for that. By the way, the "The New St. Paul's Cathedral Psalter" is now available under the name "The Anglican Psalter" and is significantly less expensive than has been mentioned here.
  • Wonderful book.
  • Here's another wonderful recording of this setting of Ps. 23:


    You have to join the site (for free); one of the points of my posting this is to encourage joining (although I have nothing to do with the site), as it's a huge trove of marvelous recordings by a superb choir. I particularly recommend Credo VII and the Widor 2-choir, 2-organ Mass. And lots more (Gibbons This is the Record of John).

    Main site page http://www.sjcchoir.co.uk/archive