Words you should heed, if you are doing a hymnal
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    Author: Tozer, A. Edmonds, b. 1857

    view a 1901 Hymnal

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    I wonder which ones he means, and I wonder which hymns that would apply to today? Surely this doesn't include hymns which are "absolutely valueless and without merit" from a theological point of view!
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    Not theologically! At least that is what I hear when he writes "...without merit from a musical point of view."
  • Very interesting indeed are the dynamic indications which were not uncommon in hymnals of this and earlier periods.
    It must have been inspiring to hear entire congregations following them - and, as they undoubtedly did, sing in SATB and a capella when indicated.
    Note also the range - high E's are not uncommon.
    How pitiful are the moans and groans of modern people that they cannot do such things.
    What a deprived culture we have allowed to follow such forebears as our ancestors were.
    Note also that this is a Catholic book for Catholics who COULD sing!

    And, some very fine tunes, many of which we no longer hear!
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