Claro paschali gaudio - Translation Needed
  • Can anyone supply a verse translation of the lauds hymn Claro Paschali Gaudio, found on p. 268 in Liber Hymnarius?
    I am looking at a very interesting organ verse on this hymn (though on a different c.f.) by Allwood in The Mulliner Book.
  • Mark P.
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    In this our bright and Paschal day
    The sun shines out with purer ray,
    When Christ, to earthly sight made plain,
    The glad Apostles see again.

    The wounds, the riven wounds He shows
    In that His flesh with light that glows,
    In loud accord both far and nigh
    The Lord's arising testify.

    O Christ, the King Who lovest to bless,
    Do Thou our hearts and souls possess;
    To Thee our praise that we may pay,
    To Whom our praise is due for aye.

    We pray Thee, King with glory decked,
    In this our Paschal joy, protect
    From all that death would fain effect
    Thy ransomed flock, Thine own elect.

    To Thee Who, dead, again dost live,
    All glory, Lord, Thy people give;
    All glory, as is ever meet,
    To Father and to Paraclete.
  • Many thanks, Mark!
    Can you identify the translator?
  • Kathy
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    See also Worship III, That Easter Day With Joy Was Bright.
  • Thanks for the reference, Kathy.
    How could I not have made the connection? It's also no. 98 in The Hymnal 1940, one of my favourite Easter hymns!

    I like the trans. that Mark supplied, as well, though there is an extra syllable in the 1st line of the 3rd stanza.
    Who is the translator?
  • Kathy
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    It seems to be the great JM Neale:

    That website is very useful, I think.

    Re: stanza 3, perhaps lovest is meant to be run on one syllable, lov'st?
  • Mark P.
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    The translation is by John Mason Neale (1818-1866). I didn't know that providing the translator was a requirement.
    Thanked by 1Kathy
  • Kathy
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    By the way, this is one of the texts that the Urbanite reforms changed a great deal.