Mystical Body, Mystical Voice for Musicians
  • Claire H
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    I attended a Diocescan-sponsored parish staff event of Mystical Body, Mystical Voice a few weeks ago (given by the Liturgical Institute) and was highly impressed. When chatting with presenter Christopher Cartens I even learned that he attended the Colloquium when it was in Chicago!

    So I was thrilled to learn that they are hosting as special 2-day conference for musicians at Mundelein April 8-9. Looks like it's going to be solid, so I'm trying to get some lead singers from my parish to come with me. Coming to the the Colloquium might be a ways off for them, but this is something they can experience now! :)

    Is anyone else familiar with this event, or planning to go?
  • This event is sure to be fantastic. The Liturgical Institute really has a wonderful balance. You can count on rock solid catechesis, and also an unwavering obedience to rubrics and sound liturgical theology. Please go! And please review for all of us who can't make it!
  • G
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    It'll be wonderful, Claire
    If Fr Martis and the Liturgical Institute have ANYTHING to do with it, it will be wonderful.
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  • rsven
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    Dear Claire, I am signed up to go to this event. I am a parish musician in diocese of Joliet. Where are you? See you there!