Interesting videos of Jean Claire speaking about chant
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    Also a young dom Saulnier (I think). In French, with some English subtitles.
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    Thank you for the reference. These are wonderful.
  • Many thanks for this!
  • These are incredible! It's so funny watching the Saulnier pieces–this one and the others uploaded by the same YouTube user–although my French is pretty poor I know exactly what he's saying because the examples are the same ones that Fr. Columba Kelly uses. Look for the "benesonantibus" example! Kelly even used this example in his article in the latest issue of Sacred Music. We need these videos with English subtitles!
  • Thanks for posting this. Yes, I'm pretty sure that's Dom Saulnier.

    The following clip gives a good visual sense of the Divine Office at Solesmes these days:
    Solesmes se devoile
    "Solesmes revealed"
    You can see four cantors in copes and the precentor's large staff, which are used on feast days.
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    This video is not available now on you tube; does anybody has this video?