you know what would be great? a 1962 / 1974 comparison
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    Every week I enjoy getting to know new propers from the new Graduale, and then I wonder: how does this fit into Church history and the old calendar? Then I have to dig through all my books and look through indexes and it gets confusing. Does anyone know an index that shows whether a new chant appeared in the old Graduale and where? That would be so helpful.
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    CPDL categorizes pieces by season trying to use the historic tridentine rite as that most relevant to the bulk of the literature. I've begun getting a handle on Ordinary Time here. There are gaps, and I've found a lead in The New Chantbooks from Solesmes, a review article in Notes Second Series, Vol. 47, No. 4 (Jun., 1991), pp. 1039-1063. But sorting out the genuine rediscoveries from the neogregorianicisms is going to take some library time, unless someone here can fill us in.

    The repertoire of Gregorian propers is so far from complete at CPDL that an alphabetical index cannot be automated yet, but someday, with enough contributors...
  • IIRC Bill Stoops has compiled a resource like this, or one close to it. I don't have it at home... but can look in my office at the parish.
  • One can of course look the chants up by part and incipit in the alphabetical table at the end of the Graduale or Liber. For instance, today's Communio (Visionem quam vidistis) was indeed from the 2nd Sunday of Lent, but as the antiphon for Magnificat at Vespers. If this is so obvious as to be borderline offensive to point out, then my apologies :) -- but the answer to the question "Does anyone know an index that shows whether a new chant appeared in the old Graduale ..." is "Yes, the index at the end of the old Graduale."
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    Communio Visionem was, and still is, from the Transfiguration. No Office antiphons were metamorphosed into Mass parts in the Ordo Cantus Missae or the Graduale Romanum. That was the job of the Graduale Simplex and of the texts in the Missale Romanum.
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    Yes, I know the information is available and can be obtained in various ways, but they are all rather cumbersome. It would be great to have a complete chart.
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    The Ordo Cantus Missae, editio typica altera 1988, I believe the original was 1972, has exactly this index, pp. 13-26. I've photocopied it and stapled it into a little booklet which I keep in my Graduale Triplex.
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    I think someone posted this at some point.
  • Richard Chonak has done a translation of the Ordo Cantus Missae introduction. I wonder if he would also scan or reproduce this index? It would be most useful!
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    I just photographed the Elenchus Cantuum from the 1988 Ordo cantus missae (pp. 13-26) and uploaded it to my website. You can download it here.
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    Mary Ann,

    I think you are referring to this.... See attachment.

    Make a two sided copy and then with judicious trimming and folding and pasting, it fits neatly in the back of the Gregorian Missal.
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    To get WGS's PDF file to work, I had to edit it manually in a text editor and remove the first line, which was blank.