Gregorian schola from Italy
  • We are an Italian Gregorian schola called "Aurea Luce" ( and we are going to Canada and USA for a tour from the July 27th to the August 8th. We have already planned some mass and concert in Toronto, Midland and New York. From the August 5th to 8th we will be in Washington and we are looking for venues in DC interested in a mass with Gregorian chant, an Eucharistic adoration, or even a concert. Could someone help us suggesting some contact? thank you
  • if you would like to see a little performance in Venice of the "De profundis":
  • Would you be kind enough to inform us of the dates and venues for your performances in the US? I live in New York and would enjoy hearing your schola.
  • Dear Pedro,
    Thank you for your interesting. So far we have 3 fixed dates in Canada:
    July 29th, Friday 8:00 pm Midland, concert: the gregorian chant
    July 30th, Saturday 8:30 pm St Mary Magdalene, Toronto, Concert: Rediscovering the ancient antiphonaries of the Saint Mark Basilica in Venice
    July 31st, Sunday 12:00 noon St Michael Cathedral, Toronto, Missa cantata in Latin
    In the USA we have some contacts in New York and Washington, but we have not fixed dates yet.
    I will let you know as soon as I know them.