Experience with the EF of the mass in parishes
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    I would like to hear from other parishes, music directors etc., who are offering an EF mass. We have just had four masses, on the first Sunday of the month at 2:30. Our Gregorian Schola sang all the propers at all the masses (no cheating, but a lot of work!) however at the first mass, we had say 250. Second mass, 175, 3rd, 80, 4th, 40. It's too much work especially for the pastor,(even though he is in favor) so with great disappointment, we are going to suspend the Trad. Latin mass. Have any of you have been having better experiences? Is publicity an element? Thanks for your comments!
    Dr. Gregory Hamilton
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    I know Fr. Z considers it rank liberal heresy, but the fact is that some places just don't have the demand for an EF Mass. I figure my parish's EF Mass (might happen next year) could go either way. I think you should continue it for the sake of the 40, but at the same time I see how discouraging that must be. It's a matter of actually discerning how much of a spiritual need there is for it. If you have 3 or 4 EF Masses in the area, maybe you don't need to have another. But if you're the only one, that's a valuable opportunity for those that want it.

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  • Wow, that's really something. What do you think the reason was for the drop off? From the first to the second, I can see the curious folks not returning, but losing half the congregation each time is really odd. In any case, I agree, keep it for the sake of the stable 40 and perhaps more will come as more learn about it.

  • It really doesn't surprise me, I'm sorry to say. I say this reluctantly, but it is probably too big of a jump for most parishes. It better approach is to improve and fix what is already in place, move it ever closer to the ideal. But this is a matter of tactics and strategies, and, dare it say pastoral sensitivity. I've been worried for some time that there would be a certain overreaching that could hurt the long-term prospects of the EF.
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    Hmm, I agree with Jeff Tucker. Just like those changes were done overnight in the 70's, we should learn not to repeat the same mistakes. Being pastoral means having to guide and only where necessary enforce some norms which have gone out of the radar. We have to think in Church time folks. Us musicians included. We cannot force people to like EF overnight. I also dare say that we can't force the EF on people who clearly don't desire it. It cuts both ways, fortunately and unfortunately sometimes.

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    Thank you Isaac. Very wise.
  • One of the good things about EF parishes where they exist is that people who want the Classical Rite can gather in large enough numbers to form a self-sustaining community. The other side of the coin, however, is that only the people who want the status quo and those who don't care one way or the other are left in the standard parishes. I don't have this option at the moment, but I also don't want to live out my years fighting a losing battle in Father Friendly's worship space hearing ever louder amplification.

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    I think too, sometimes the placement of the EF parish makes a difference. If it's in a run-down neighborhood and only happens once in a while, its foregone conclusion what will happen.