The book, "Liturgy and Music"
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    Has anyone here read the book titled, "Liturgy and Music" edited by Robin A. Leaver and Joyce Ann Zimmerman? It's printed by The Liturgical Press in Collegeville, Minnesota.
    If you have, I'd like to know anyone's insight, thoughts, critiques of the book. I am currently having to read it for a class, and am trying to do so critically and I'm not sure exactly what to make of it so far. There are a lot of Catholic contributors, but I am starting to get the impression that most are in the "liberal camp".
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    Just so as not to appear a "reverse elitist," I'd encourage you to "Google" her name and decide for yourself.

    I'll give you a hint. . . your instincts are pretty good.
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    I also have to write a critique paper of this book, and I wanted to incorporate knowledge of better books out there on understanding liturgy and music. I've read some, like "Bugnini and the Liturgy" and obviously church documents on the subject are better than this book, but can anyone impart their knowledge of good books to read on liturgy and music that are NOT official church documents? It'd greatly appreciate it.
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    I believe the lengthy article by Schuler (A Chronicle of the Reform) on the main page here is part of a festschrift of some type, and I should think it would be considered appropriate for citation in a scholarly critique.

    If there are glaring statements in the book that clearly contradict, misquote or mis-characterize the official documents of the Church, I'd say they're fair game as well, and I'd quote them heavily. In order to blow holes in their position, especially if they're clearly coming from a liberal "Amchurch" perspective, it is necessary to determine if they're attempting to control the definition of terms and concepts and then systematically challenge their definition.

    This sounds like a fun project! I always love it when I have an opportunity to skewer the position of the liberal elites.
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    I had to read J. A. Zimmerman for my graduate degree in music/liturgy. Blech.

    What about B16/Ratzinger's landmark "Spirit of the Liturgy"?
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    I'd love to read this paper when you've written it.
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    Kimberly, in your second entry (... "Bugnini and the Liturgy" ...) are you referring to

    Bugnini "The Reform of the Liturgy (1948-1975)"
    (usually $59.50, currently on sale $14.87 !!)


    Dobszay "The Bugnini-Liturgy and the Reform of the Reform"

    or another title?
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    I was referring to Dobszay's book.
    I finished the book for the class and did the critique paper. I was surprised that the music section of the book did not have as many contradictions of Catholic church teaching as the first section on liturgy.
    The great thing is, the last book I get to read for the class is "The Spirit of the Liturgy" by Ratzinger. I mentioned it as a better source for understanding liturgy, so my teacher wants me to read it. This is great! I started reading the book in January over break and got half way through, but then never got around to finishing it. I'm glad I have the chance now and get class credit for it.