Setting the Grail Psalms as Responsorial Psalms with Anglican Chant Pointing
  • Looking for volunteers to spend some time pointing the Grail Psalter responsorial psalms for Anglican Choral chant, to be posted, with Jeffrey Ostrowski's permission (which I have not asked for yet!) as part of the Chabanel Psalms project.

    I have prepared a guide to doing this and sample psalms for Lent.

    Contact me at if you are interested in being involved.
  • Bud Clark
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    Here's my attempt for the First Sunday in Advent, Year B. Not Anglican Chant, but fauxbourdon.


    Bud Clark
    San Diego
  • The AC psalms (and Gospel Alleluias) have been finished for some time are available for free at

    Bud, you really need to put your collection together and sell it off to a publisher.

  • Beautifully done, Mr Clark.
    Do follow Noel's advice if you haven't already.
  • PeterJ
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    Noel - thanks for the link. Splendid!
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