Colloquium XXI Preliminary Schedule Posted
  • AOZ
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    See the Colloquium XXI Preliminary Schedule, posted just minutes ago.
  • Definitely not as demanding as last year, but should be just as intense. More rehearsal time is good; I hope our conductors will assist us in taking care of our voices throughout the week.
  • Oh, Ron, you need more to do? I'll keep your free time occupied, no problem.
    As far as vocal health is concerned, our conductors have minimal influence. We're Catholics, ergo our vocal health increases in direct proportion to our consumption of Cabernets, Syrahs, Zinfandels or meritages of same color. So, be of good cheer in Utah, dry a state as it may be. Relief from California will fly in on silver wings of United.
    Someone remind me, are there any speed bumps at the Marriott?