Summorum Pontificum and the new instruction
  • I know there is some concern out there, perhaps a lot of concern, that the Vatican will restrict the EF. Does any one wish to comment or are we all waiting for the Vatican?
  • chonakchonak
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    There are rumors to this effect on the "Rorate Coeli" blog, and there has been a flat denial in the column of Vatican-watcher Paolo Rodari. I think that imposing restrictions would hurt the Pope's goal of reconciling the SSPX to Catholic unity, so I hope he would not approve an instruction imposing restrictions not in Summorum Pontificum.
  • CharlesW
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    I didn't get from any of this that the Vatican is restricting any rite. Rather it is keeping the Roman Rite from overpowering, dominating, and even replacing the smaller rites. Ask some from those minority rites if they have had to fight off Latinizations for centuries. They will mostly say they have.
  • I'm just not concerned about the direction of this pope. He's been methodical and prudent. He has laid out his prescription for authentic liturgical renewal for years. And he is very careful about fostering unity within the Church. Any significant restriction of the EF would contradict his own stated desires about the SSPX and various rites within the Church.

    Pray, hope, and don't worry. We have reason to be confident that any modifications to SP will be fair and for the benefit of the whole Church.
  • BGP
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    I'm not following your thinking at all. The fear is that the new instruction on SP will make it easier for bishops who are hostile to the EF to obstruct it. SP is no threat at all to non Roman Rites.

    One concern/question of many is does SP apply to western liturgies other than the Roman? For example faithful in the diocese of Milan have used SP to request the traditional Ambrosian rite (which has been heroically defended against Romanization not Latinization throughout the century's) rather than the fabricated post conciliar Ambrosian Rite (the bishop of Milan is very hostile to the traditional Ambrosian rite).

    SP has nothing at all to do with non western liturgies and so 'latinization' is not even close to being an issue. We don't know what the instruction will say the fear is that it will weaken SP and give more ground to Bishops like my own (Rochester NY) who hate anything even remotely traditional and will do anything to stop celebrations of the EF.
  • CharlesW
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    At this point, it seems all speculation. I, too, trust the consistency of this pope. He has done exactly what he said he would do over the years. It is difficult to imagine him deviating from his basic plan for liturgical renewal.