Panis Angelicus by Claudio Casciolini
  • Could someone please recommend a web store where I could purchase the score of "Panis Angelicus" by Claudio Casciolini? There are some PDFs of the score available on the internet but they only include the first verse. I would like to buy the full three-voice two-verse score with copyright, etc.
  • Jscola30
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    Try or I remember doing this and I think it is only 1 verse.
  • Interesting... I remember when we sang this in the seminary last year there were two verses (the second beginning with "Te Trina Deitas...")... but maybe this was an expanded arrangement or something. Anyhow I suppose I could notate it myself on Lilypond for the two verses and buy the score from one of those sellers you recommended so that we have the accompaniment parts.

    Thanks. - Deacon Bryan Jerabek
  • Jscola30
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    yea its very possible it is an expanded arrangement. I''ve heard a similar thing done with the Franck setting.
  • don roy
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    I have a "Sacriis Solemniis" in 4 parts by castiolini published by Arista.
    This is a part of the "Panis". Is this part of the panis in this discussion?
  • I put it into Finale some years ago. I can send anyone interested a PDF file. I have it in SAB, in either C or Ab. Just email me and I'll send it along.
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    Actually, it's F minor and A minor.
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    There are several versions of this floating around. Here's the SATB version we use, with both verses, and an added Amen from something else of his.