The lack of official translations - Detrimental?
  • Are composers are frustrated by the lack approved texts? Has this deterred composers who otherwise might be capable of writing music that could lift the music of the church to a higher level?
  • you mean for what? Gradual propers? That's the only thing for which there are no approved trans.
  • Forgive me for my confusion, but what are the approved psalm texts? Are the OCP responsorial psalm paraphrases now officially banned?
  • Maybe a concrete example might help.

    A composer is moved to write music for the 23rd Psalm. What is the official Roman Catholic English translation of this Psalm?
  • oh wow, here we go again with the ever-lasting discussion on approved translations for the responsorial Psalms! About once every three months, I ask this question, and then someone reminds me that we've had this discussion on 5 previous occasions, and we once again list what is a approved and then some demonstrates that all are allowed and then the thread folds in a general atmosphere of confusion.
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    Part of this should be made into a sticky thread:
  • Part of this should be made into a sticky thread

    Or on a Sacred Music FAQ site.

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    yes... too bad no one seemed to want to contribute to that project. I hear it was being run by a heretic, anyway.
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    I am sticking to the Latin.. You can look up the English if you still don't know what the Psalm is talking about.

    So, that is just another way to say, "Why compose in English until English becomes a dead, ritual language that becomes timeless... like Latin?"

    Relevance? Notoriety? Fame? Acceptance? Money? Active Participation? Enabling Publishers who shouldn't be?

    Those are just temptations in my book.

    Jeez... I already broke my own rule and composed ordinary parts in English.
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    sorry for unsinking... i want you to see my not unexpected post (see above) before it descended into blogdom oblivion! i am resinking now!
  • I've just tried to post to the Sacred Music FAQ - is there a heretic in the programming that is still blocking posts?
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    I have a simple mind. Please clarify.
  • Adam has put up a really nice FAQ for us to use, but it doesn't yet work. (It appears to be Pennsylvania Dutch night here....)
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    FNJ has tried several times in the last couple months to post a test answer at the FAQ site, and it hasn't worked for him... and I can't figure out why.
    Could someone else venture over there and attempt even a fake contribution and report back to me ( whether it worked for you or not, and what the hangup seemed to be?

    With JT's blessing I'm also working on an official Musica Sacra wiki.
    Unfortunately, I haven't had a lot of time to work on it, but I'm making this announcement now so as to force myself to find the time to get it into a launchable state.