Fr. Weber to head Institute of Sacred Music in St. Louis
  • David AndrewDavid Andrew
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    Yay! Woo-hoo! A Benedictine of St. Meinrad!

    (As an oblate of the community, I think I'm entitled to be a bit "puffed up." I'm sure the fall from pride will come later.)
  • helena
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    As a benedictine oblate (of Emauzy Abbey) I am happy about this news too. I heard oblates from USA singing gregorian chant. It was very beautiful.
  • mjballoumjballou
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    I am so pleased about this. Wasn't Fr. Weber at the Colloquium last year? If he's the person I'm thinking of (and I do get my monks mixed up), he combined intelligence and talent with a very pleasant manner.

    Hurray for St. Louis!
  • G
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    Abp. Burke is a prophetic genius and Fr Weber is a saint. If anyone can put a kindly, PASTORAL, irresistible face on the reform of the reform it is him.
    May this become a model, may ALL dioceses in the country finally begin the work they need to do liturgically, found institutes of sacred music and SAVE THE WORLD!