A beautiful lute rendition of Regina Caeli (video)
  • Regina Caeli played by lutenist Deák Endre

    (Fast-forward to 1:00 to avoid introductory remarks, apparently delivered in Hungarian; pause at 4:00 to avoid applause.)

    For me it's very easy to imagine hearing this in an small chapel within the context of worship. Of course lutes are uncommon, but performances like this make me wish for Gregorian chant to be accompanied by guitar on occasion.

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  • mjballoumjballou
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    Well, if "liturgical guitarists" played like that, we might be able to work something out. Of course, when the harp came into view I was totally distracted trying to decide what make it was and the type of levers.
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  • Exactly. Would that liturgical guitarists take their artistic inspiration from Segovia instead of Slash. (Not the best analogy, but I like the alliteration, so there!)

    In a similar vein, the ability to 'only' play 12-bar blues on a Hammond B3 doesn't make one a liturgical organist, either.
  • francis
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    Aristotle, I have a beautiful 12 string guitar. (I am more a hack when it comes to the guitar), but I know the idiom enough to compose for it if you would like a nice settings of chant for guitar accompaniment (and I will even compose it using the modal scale as the chordal structure). How about the Salve Regina?
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    Nice, I appreciate this, since I am a lutenist. There are many beautiful perios intabulations of sacred choral pieces for the lute.
    It would be a wonderful instrument for worship, except that it's so quiet.
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  • francis
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    Quiet is good. It makes them sit up and truly listen!
  • a decade late, but hello from a lutenist :)
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    @edward.yong Is that a reference to Adele?

    Out of interest, is there much repertoire for the guitar that could be considered appropriate? Any links and perhaps a practical 'checklist' would really be helpful.