Ron Santo Funeral Mass
  • I'm a big Cubs fan, but I was appalled (but not surprised) that his funeral Mass featured a number of eulogies that completely undermined the message of the Catholic funeral Mass. Regular folks see celebrities get this treatment and want the same... Much work to be done.
  • Mike, I was down and out home on Thursday with a Katrina cold. Wendy had a funeral. She texted me: 5 eulogists! (I had done one Tuesday with 5 letters and a personal reflection by the letter reader that took 15+ minutes myself.) Anyway, she sent a second text- last eulogy by a son of deceased reminiscing how Old Dad used to take off his belt for the corporal punishment, and the son demonstrated the whole technique by removing his own belt so that all could take in the kinetic joy. Apparently the family thought this was hilarious.
    I'd take death by Danny Boy over death by eulogy any day. BTW, OCP finally put a hymntext to Derriere in '11/BB/MI.
  • chonakchonak
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    What an idea. That could give some people flashbacks.