cool new CMAA logo
  • It's a bit disappointing that this did not make the cut:


    The Prospect Agency, of which this is one of their promotional samples, is located around the corner of Prospect Park where I once was director of music at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Brooklyn. In need of illustration work?

    This sample is part of Lee Chapman's work - see this for Shakespeare:

    "To bark or not to bark?"
  • Sister #3 has returned from the Colloquium and is conflicted.
  • francis
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    Hi JT

    Here is my initial gut reaction( which most designers usually rely heavily upon.)

    It's ok, but reminds me of michaelangelos last supper a little. It is rare to sing chant leaning on one another, don't you think? Any reason you didn't use the original version?

    I really like the one on the bottom of the home page (angel with gc)