"Dream of the Rood" setting by a gospel choir.
  • Maureen
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    Holy cow!

    The excerpts from Old English poetry sounds very good in this setting, though obviously not everybody would want to do the "gospel sound" version. Apparently the formal name of the setting is "That's What the Cross Would Say". It was written in 2009 for Baltimore MD's New Psalmist Baptist Church Choir's appearance at a (pretty lame) environmentalism conference at Windsor Castle.

    There's a pdf on the conference website that says lead singer James Morant also wrote the words of the adaptation; I don't see any info on who the composer is.

    This is pretty interesting, because some flavors of Protestant really have big problems with "Dream of the Rood". Others don't. It's interesting to see what parts of the poem they chose to focus on, and to see the addition of rhyme and de-emphasis of alliterative verse. All in all, though, I think they do the poem justice through their choices. It was a devotional poem pointing at the courage of Christ and calling up sympathy and admiration in the listener; they translate it into the same kind of gospel piece.