Prior Burge responds to Bewerunge's Attack on Pothier
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    Prior Thomas Anselm Burge, OSB, took offense at the words of Fr. Bewerunge. (Click Here) for article by Prior T. A. Burge, O.S.B.

    You won't want to miss this article. N.B. When I say this, as with all these articles, I am not endorsing one view or another. I am not endorsing Pothier's view, or Wagner's, or that of Gastoué, or Burge's, or Bewerunge, etc.

    By the way, Fr. Bewerunge was chosen to write this important Plainsong article for the Catholic Encyclopedia, and I think he is very fair. Did his "invective" cool down by the time he wrote that??

    Below is a "taste of the Burge article (which I would suggest is, perhaps, not as scholarly as the Wagner article)

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  • Heck, JMO, I'm just a modern singer/choral director, but is this about the tri-tone in relation to the final?
    I thought each was quaint and lovely. Cool even.
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    WHAT??!!! You mean it did not "implant in you a deep hatred of the Chant" ???!!!
  • Quite to the contrary, my good chap, they drew me lovingly, tenderly closer to its bountiful bosom with an ineffable alacrity of certitude and oriental charm. Eh, what?

    Uh, I really don't know what "alacrity" means. It does sound appropriate and chic, though.
  • Ah, the ineffable swiftness of certitude?? Chic, indeed!
  • But did it make you smile, mon ami?
    Happy Thanksgiving