Cantus Selecti online
  • i saw this on the chant café, and i am very glad it has been posted here, as well. congrats on sensational work.
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    Jeffrey, you amaze me!!! Congrats!
  • Well, it wasn't my work! someone sent it into me. It is a fantastic scan. something I've always wanted.
  • Are these chants sung only during Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament?
  • Liam
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  • Thank you!
    But why this book is titled "Cantus selecti ad Benedictionem Sanctissimi Sacramenti"?
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    Because the music can be used at Benediction.

    But "Panis Angelicus" and "Ave Verum" can be used elsewhere, too.
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    The book simply culls suitable-for-the-ritual chants from larger liturgical books. It's a book of convenience, like a very small Liber Usualis just for this ritual.
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  • A Liber Unusualis, if you will.

    Someone tried to convince me once that a book of that same title actually existed . . .
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    Also, its 'Adnotationes' section is a very precious source of information and references.
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    Good point.