Appointment of Maestro Direttore of the "Sistine Chapel"
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    Machine Translated from today's Daily Bollettino:

    APPOINTMENT OF DIRECTOR OF THE TEACHER CALLED Cappella Musicale Pontificia "Sistine Chapel"
    The Holy Father has appointed master of the Papal Choir, the "Sistine Chapel" the Don Massimo Palombella, SDB, Professor at the Pontifical Salesian University, Founder and Director of the Inter-University Choir of Rome. Don Massimo Palombella, SDB

    The Don Massimo Palombella, SDB, was born in Turin 25 December 1967. E 'was ordained a priest for the Congregation of the Salesian September 7, 1996.

    He studied philosophy and theology, obtaining a PhD in theology, and his musical studies with the Masters Luigi Molfino, Valentín Miserachs Grau, Gabriele Arrigo and Alessandro Ruo Rui, majoring in Choral Music and Composition.

    Founder and Director of the Interuniversity Choir Master of Rome, working in campus ministry of the Diocese of Rome since 1995.

    E 'professor at the Pontifical Salesian University in Urbe, at the Faculty of Theology, and Eschatology of Music and Liturgy, and at the "Guido Cantelli" of Novara in the years of specialization in Sacred Music Composition for the Liturgy, Roman polyphony Legislation and Sacred Music. It was also a professor of languages of music at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome, at the Conservatory of Turin and the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Urbe taught liturgy. Since 1998 he directs the music magazine for the Liturgy "Harmony of Voices", Editrice LDC.

    And 'member, as an expert consultation with the Office of the National Liturgical the Italian Episcopal Conference.

    Since 1995 he has been Master of Music of all meetings of the Holy Father with the university culture. He recently oversaw the closing of the Priestly vigil in St. Peter's Square, in collaboration with the Orchestra of the Province and the Conservatory of Bari with the Inter-University Choir of Rome has to its credit numerous concerts in Italy and around the world and a wide series of recordings on CD and DVD.

  • This is wonderful news! Does this mean that he will be responsible for ALL the music for papal litrugies?
  • This is the person about whom Magister warned an impending disaster. I doubt it and wrote this here
  • Might I suggest, against my own inclinations which are quite on the record, that further speculation upon this appointment won't advance the quality of our own choirs' capabilities, our own abilities to instruct and inspire our choristers, or alter the course of the ensemble's future in Capella Sixtina and the basilica.
  • i agree with charles. let us wait and see what happens.
  • C'mon, Charles, everyone knows the Vatican makes all of its musical decisions based upon the way Musica Sacra forum posts suggest!
  • Wow, FNJ, no one's ever advanced the notion that I'm a "buzzkill."
    Okay then, I nominate Ostrowski+ as Maestro di Capella Sixtina.
    Waiting for Rocco...

    +JO's glaring death stare alone would scare off even the most helden of the tenor screamers, and buffo of the basses.