Solesmes Millenium
  • Zenit has a news item up about the 1000 anniversary celebrations at Solesmes. Solesmes 1000

    Here is their summary of Abbot Philippe Dupont's comments on Gregorian chant:

    Abbot of Solesmes since 1992, he also talked about Gregorian chant, which has made the monks of this community famous.
    "Gregorian liturgical chant also has a traditional value of stability in the prayer of the Church because it has gone across the centuries," he said.
    Abbot Dupont explained that "after the Second Vatican Council, Pope Paul VI asked us to continue this tradition so that Gregorian chant would be preserved not as a treasure relegated to a museum, but as a living prayer that helps souls ascend to God."
    He said that it is about "a more interior prayer: Its gentleness but also the force and violence of some melodies, express adequately the many sentiments of praise and supplication of men addressing God in all kinds of situations."

    I never considered the 'violence' of some melodies--force, yes--maybe the word 'violence' has a different connotation in French?