Quaeretur: Psalm 111 antiphon setting
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    Would anyone like to compose a psalm antiphon setting?

    Fr. Bryan Jerabek, a high-school chaplain in Huntsville, AL, writes:

    I was wondering if you or anyone you know could write a metrical (i.e. in 2/4 or 4/4, not 3/4, please) setting for the following psalm response:

    "How great are the works of the Lord!"

    It should sound majestic, and be suited to playing by a concert band/singing by a concert choir.

    Attached is my setting of the accompanying psalm (111) to the Meinrad tone # 6.

    We are using this psalm for our ribbon cutting Mass (for our new high school campus). As it turns out, apparently it only appears in the lectionary for weekdays, so there are no musical settings for it in the usual books.

    If you or someone could help (soon), please let me know.

    Fr Jerabek

    Normally I'd have started by pointing him to the Chabanel Psalms, but apparently this particular text is not among the Sunday or holy day psalms, so I don't think it has been offered on that website yet.

    Fr.'s preference is for an antiphon setting that fits with the Meinrad tone he chose. While it is not an authentic Gregorian tone, he says it will be an improvement over the music the kids are used to. The event is to be held on October 29.
  • How...

    The request that it NOT be in 3/4 I found inspiring!
  • Noel,

    Thanks very much (and thanks to Richard for posting this for me).

    Maybe you can post a midi of that ? Just looking at the soprano line and whistling it, it seems to me like maybe the time signature should be 2/2, "How" should be on a pickup half note instead of the first beat of the bar, and "of the" should be on the F#-A quarter notes (i.e. the G half note in that bar sacked).

    I am having trouble "hearing it" the way you have written it; the above variation "sounds" better to me. However, maybe if I hear a midi (if it is possible) things will click for me. I am very, very far from the level of musical training that you and most of the folks on this forum have.

    Fr Jerabek
  • This forum won't take certain forms of attachments...I've email midi and audio directly.
  • It's Saturday evening, otherwise there would be more choices! I'm sure that Francis will be challenged to put notes on papers and others as well!
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    Thanks for offering a setting, Noel!