Languentibus in Purgatorio
  • Does anyone know where I can find this chant with all the verses written out under the neumes? I'd like to use it for my high school schola on All Souls and Requiem Masses ...

    I know it is in Chants of the Church, but only the first verse or so is written out.
  • Languentibus in Purgatorio

    1. The suffering souls in Purgatory, Who are being purified in excessive heat, And are tormented by severe punishment, Assist them, in your compassion, O Mary! 2. You are the open-wide fount who wash away the faults of men. All you help, rejecting none: Extend your hand to the Dead, Who in pain languish continually, O Mary! 3. To you the souls of the Dead lovingly sigh, Desiring to be rescued from pain And to stand in your sight, To possess eternal joys, O Mary! 4. As they groan, hasten, Mother; In mercy, show them your heart. May Jesus through His wounds Be pleased to heal them: ask this, O Mary! 5. You are true hope to them that call upon you. The Holy Souls Sodality cry to you for their brethren. Appease your Son, that in Heaven He may give them their reward, O Mary! 6. Grant that the tears we shed at the feet of the Judge, And which you regard with kindness, May soon extinguish the avenging flames, That the Holy Souls may join the choirs of Angels, O Mary! 7. And when the strict accounting takes place In the terrible and awesome Judgment of God, As He judges us, supplicate your Son, That with the Saints may be our portion, O Mary!