Nine Options for Sunday's Entrance
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    I saw that this morning JT. Excellent work! But it's mostly unmetered chant. How about some metered propers too. I am trying to expand the options. ;-)
  • This is a wonderful sampling of options. Thank you! I have used the Willan (Lutheran) settings often. One should know that in Willan's church, St Mary Magdalene, these Lutheran settings are not sung. Rather, the propers are sung (in English) to the Gregorian chant adaptations made by Willan nearly 80 years ago.
  • Valuable, very valuable posting!

  • These Willan propers of which you speak: I thought I was pretty fully informed about his oeuvre. Are these printed in any form that they could be shared here or gotten hold of? It would be most interesting to compare them to Palmer-Burgess and Canon Douglas. (His Lutheran ones are actually nice, and would be another option to consider - I had forgotten about them, though they are not the complete propers.)
  • Regarding the Willan Gregorian chant propers: They are not in print or for sale.

    Two weeks ago, I attended the Sunday Solemn High Mass at St MM, and the Ritual Choir is in fine form. The Mass, by the way, lasted nearly 2 hours which is standard fare at St MM. The Ritual Choir sings all the chants; a different choir, the Gallery Choir, sings the Mass ordinary and anthems.
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    Another option is from Richard Rice's Introits for Treble Choir. PDF 106 (pg 104)
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    Thanks, Aaron.
  • I knew I would forget something! I'll add that