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    Would someone more knowledgable than I comment on which mode I tune to this office hymn for Christ the King is the elder: that in Liber Usualis, or that in Liber Hymnarius? Also, why the frequent discrepancy in these two books between tunes and/or actual hymns for given days?
    Secondly: I have a nice verse translation of this hymn but would like to have a more current one (than 1932) to at least consider. Any candidates? Would Kathy or Vincent like to attempt this? (The metre must be the same!)
  • Maureen
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    Missing the last couple verses.

    Prince of all times and places, Thou.
    Messiah, King of Nations, Thou.
    No reasoning, no heart's _unknown_
    To Thou Who art their judge alone.

    The cursed crowd screams out aloud,
    "Christ won't rule us! We'll stay unbowed."
    But we are proud to cheer; and "Thou
    "Art King supreme," we say as one.

    O Christ, our Prince who brings us peace
    Make rebel minds' rebellion cease,
    And in Thy love for straying sheep,
    Herd us into one loving fold.

    For this is why Thou hung, arms wide,
    Upon a tree and bled and died.
    By cruel point that pierced Thy side,
    Thy love-burned Heart did we behold.

    For this, to altars Thou, concealed
    As wine and sacrificial meal,
    Pour out Thy pierced side's blood, to heal
    And save God's children, all for love.

    All nations' leaders Thee should praise
    And public honors to Thee raise,
    Teachers and judges love Thy ways,
    And laws and arts seek Thee above.
  • Maureen
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    I had a brain-o... it should have been "unknown", but there you go.

    Trying again with a less strained diction, it seems to be going better. I can't say I've ever heard this before today.

    O Prince of every age and time,
    O Christ, of every nation King,
    To You, no heart or mind's unknown;
    To You as judge, our lives we bring.

    "We will not let Christ rule us here,"
    The angry crowd did once demand.
    We call You King supreme, and cheer
    For You to rule in ev'ry land.

    O Christ, O Prince who brings us peace,
    Come pacify each rebel mind.
    Make all sheep one flock by Your love,
    And find us when we stray behind.

    For this You hung upon a tree,
    For this You bled with arms flung wide.
    You showed us Your heart's burning love
    Through that cruel spearwound in Your side.

    For this, You are our hidden God
    Disguised to look like bread and wine,
    Pouring out blood from Your pierced breast
    To save the children -- deed divine.

    All nations' leaders should give praise
    In public, unashamed, to You;
    Judges and teachers learn Your ways;
    You be expressed in all we do.

    Willingly bowing to Your Sign,
    Submission brings Your kings renown.
    So may Your scepter rule our land
    And ev'ry home in ev'ry town.

    O Jesus, glory be to You;
    Your scepter holds the whole world's sway
    With the Father and the Holy
    Spirit's love, through endless day.
  • Many thanks, Maureen. I'll weigh this against Canon Douglas' version in the Monastic Diurnal. Any other candidates?