Mozarabic Chant
  • Jeff Tucker suggested I pose this question on this forum (though I'm not sure if it's the proper category, apologies if so).

    I've been working to translate the Mozarabic Rite mass to English (see the work-in-progress translation of the mass *). However, while there are a good number of resources available relating to the mass, verspers, etc (that is, textual stuff), I haven't been able to locate a good resource for the chants themselves. I had read that there was work being done to make a facsimile edition of the Cantorales in Toledo, but beyond that I haven't heard anything else beyond seeing a handful of scans from what appears to be a modern Cantoral edition. Does any one have any suggestions or ideas on how to locate the written music of the Mozarabic Rite?

    * I haven't incorporated the updated translations from the Roman Rite, and of course Pange Lingua doesn't go where I put it--it's just there to test the layout, and soon I'll be updating the chant appearance when I get gregorio working on my machine).
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    Have you found any written notation of Mozarabic chant? I was looking for a setting of Dominus Regnavit or another Christmas chant for a project I'm working on, but it's a difficult search.
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    As far as I understand the Mozarabic chant is effectively lost. We have the texts, and many of the texts are used elsewhere, and we do have music in many books containing those texts.
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    The Alleluia for the Feast of St Stephen (graduale Romanum, 1974) is of Mozarabic origin. I remember Mother Thomas More (Dr Mary Berry) pointing it out during a tutorial as we studies those texts. She pointed out the underlay of the music to text of Alleluia, which was a “dead giveaway”, she said
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    The Our Father we usually sing at Sunday Mass is the Mozarabic chant version, available from the ICEL website, under Tone B Mozarabic
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    There are notated Mozarabic chants in this paper:

    See particularly the Tenebrae Lamentation chants, Cantus I-II-III near the end. The melodies come from the Silos Antiphonary in Spain.
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    Maybe James Monti would have insights.

    Here is a podcast where he talks about the Mozarabic Rite.

    Square Notes: The Sacred Music Podcast | SE02 EP05 - Musical Treasures of the Mozarabic (Hispanic) Rite – with Jim Monti on Podbean
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