Magnificat set to KINGSFOLD?
  • My pastor swears he's encountered the above. Anyone know of it personally? Kathy? If not, someone wanna set one?
    Kathy? ...... Kathy?.....
  • "My heart sings out with joyful praise" by Ruth Duck - RitualSong #17.
  • Kathy
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    IIRC, Duck's is good! I read something of hers, either a Magnificat or a Benedictus.
  • You can find the text here set to a different melody. (The power of Google.)
  • Thanks, Sam
  • Maureen
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    Duck is good when she's not dire. It takes a really good songwriter to be really, really bad. Looking at her Magnificat setting, it seems like a pretty free adaptation, but you wouldn't have to cut my head off to get me to sing it.

    There's another setting, according to the useful -- "My Soul Proclaims Your Greatness" by Michael Burkhardt. It's Lutheran. There's a partial PDF of the lyrics. (Unfortunately, he or the hymnal changed "fathers" to "parents", which is pretty dorky.) Other than that, the versification seems nice enough.

    Btw, it turns out that a lot of Irish-American parishes apparently use "Star of the County Down" in place of its cousin "Kingsfold". I honestly don't think of them as being that close, because the feeling of "Kingsfold" is so subdued and country/English. But they are, really.

    Anyway, the point is that the person might actually mean "Canticle of the Turning", because you can play that to "Kingsfold" also; and some people really don't see any difference at all.