Index/chart/listing of communions and offertories based on scriptural references (OF)
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    I have not been able to find a resource that gives an index for the chants of the Graduale Romanum (or, I use the Gregorian Missal,) based on *scripture passages* that the chants are from.

    So, here is one for the offertories and communions

    I will use this for when I have a piece of music that I want to use, and I want to know quickly if the scripture passage is ever used in the communions or offertories during the three-year-cycle. (I only made it for the communions and offertories because those are currently pretty much the only places at which this would be useful to me. Someone else might have an interest in making a more complete index.)

    ALSO, if you look in the alphabetical index in the back of the GM, it does not list ALL of the places where the chant is used, for example, it tells you that "Qui Manducat" is used on p. 423, but it doesn't tell you are directed to use it for the feasts or Sundays on pages 530, 503, 536, and 695. So, that is included in my spreadsheets.

    I hope at least someone else finds this helpful and useful. (and that this hasn't already been done before!) :-)
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    Wonderful, Marajoy! Thanks for this!
  • Yes, thank you.
  • Thanks, Mara! This is great.

    Want to be even more amazing and do one for the introits?